Employment Opportunities


Abeka is seeking a qualified individual to serve as an Editor/Writer.

Started in 1972, Abeka is a Christian publishing and printing company that produces quality Christian textbooks for schools and homeschools. Today, Abeka is one of the world’s largest creators and distributors of Christian-based educational solutions from nursery through the 12th grade.

An Editor/Writer takes charge of planning the revision and writing of projects through research, editing and writing, collaboration, and product finalization. Key responsibilities include researching aspects related to product development, carefully editing existing content and/or writing new content based on approved production overview, providing clear design and illustration expectations, and following projects from conception to completion.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred with an emphasis in education, and proficiency in Microsoft Word is required. Knowledge of Abeka materials is required and two to three years of classroom experience is preferred.

Employees must be born-again Christians and must agree with the ministry’s Doctrinal Position, Philosophy of Education, and Employee Commitments and the mission, purpose, and objectives of Pensacola Christian College, Inc. Additionally, employees are hired based on professional credentials, education, experience, and Christian testimony, as well as perceived ability to succeed.

Interested individuals should submit their résumé, a brief Christian testimony, and a cover letter stating their career objective to:

Employee Services
P.O. Box 17023
Pensacola, FL 32522-7023
(850) 494-6793 (fax)